06|08|2018 • Concert Hall • 20h



Marija Dinov •
Debussy Preludes Book I
Jasmina Rakovic •
Debussy Pour le piano
Couperin Le dodo ou l’amor au berceau —Les barricades mysterieuses -Le Tic
Toc choc ou les maillotins
Milica Markovic •
Ravel Le tombeau de Couperin
Sylvie Nicephor •
Debussy Preludes Book II

Marija Dinov Vasić (1980), finished her bachelor studies of Piano at the Faculty of Arts in Niš, in the class of prof. Dragoslav Aćimović (2003) and obtained her MA degree in 2006 at the National Music Academy Pančo Vladigerov in Sofia, in the class of Professor Geni Zaharieva. During her education, she actively performed at the concerts, competitions and music festivals. She has won several awards in the country and abroad (Italy, France), as a soloist and a chamber musician, and has performed as a soloist with the Niš Symphony Orchestra. She has attended the courses and workshops with the renowned pianists and pedagogues: N. Lj. Starkman, M. L. Petrović and Jenny Zaharieva. During her studies, she has performed at the representative concerts of the Faculty as a soloist and a chamber musician. She has demonstrated the affinity for the theoretical disciplines through the research work on the history of pianism, a kind of lectures in which her observations are illustrated by the performance of the shorter segments or entire compositions, dealing with the redaction of piano literature, writing of piano excerpts of the orchestral scores and translating of music literature. She speaks English and Bulgarian, uses Italian. She has been awarded with scholarships and the fund prizes, and she is the owner of the Diploma of the University of Niš – for the best graduate student of the Faculty of Arts for the school year 2002/03. Since 2005, she has been the Assistant at the Department of Piano. She has performed in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Bulgaria as a soloist, a chamber musician and the accompanist.

Jasmina Raković was born in 1988. in Belgrade, Serbia, where she finished primary and secondary music school. Since 2007. she has been studying at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade with prof. Nataša Mitrović, with whom she finished both bachelor and master studies in 2012. From 2012 until 2014 she continues her music education in the Netherlands with prof. Frank van de Laar in Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In 2017 she finished post graduate studies in the Faculty of Music Art in  Belgrade with prof. Ninoslav Živković. Since 2008. she has been colaborating with prof. Vladimir Stojnić and participating in a cycle of concerts „Chosen for chosen“. She has performed in all important concert halls and galeries in Belgrade as a soloist, chamber music player and as a colaborative pianist. In 2011 she participated in the Internationale Klavierakademie Murrhardt, masterclass in Germany, where she cooperated with three professors: Dmitry Alexeev, Felix Gottlieb and Tamas Ungar. As a student of Conservatorium in Amsterdam she participated in masterclasses held by prof. Håkon Austbø and Dmitri Bashkirov. In 2017 she has collaborated with prof. Michael Leslie. She is a member of piano duo “Barabar” with another pianist – Ružica Gojković, and she is also actively performing with the violinist – Mina Aleksić. In 2017 she has participated in three important festivals in Serbia: Piano Summer in Vranje, Piano City in Novi Sad and Piano Fest in Subotica. She is working in the music school “Mokranjac” as an accompanist for string players.   

Milica Markovic, born on 30th December 1993, in Vranje, Serbia. Ms. Markovic started practicing piano at the age of eight, at the Music School ‘Mokranjac’ in Vranje, where she finishes elementary education and two years of high-school music education in the class of Professor Snezana Mitic and Professor Svetlana Jovanovic. Third and fourth year of high-school music education, Ms. Markovic finishes at the Music School ‘Stankovic’ in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Cedomir Marjanovic. In the academic year 2012/2013, Ms. Markovic continues her education at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Music Department, study programme Piano, in the class of Professor Jokuthon Mihailovic, and later Professor Mihajlo Zurkovic. In September 2016, she successfully finishes her Bachelor Programme with a GPA 9.87/10, and enrolls in the Masters Programme of Piano at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of Professor Mihajlo Zurkovic. During the course of her academic studies, Ms. Markovic has performed at numerous concerts, festivals, and international competitions. The Year of the Great – in honour of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, (Multimedia Center of Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, 2014); piano recital (Music School ‘Petar Konjovic’ in Sombor, 2014); 3rd prize in the VI category at the international competition of young pianists in Sabac, 2015); 3rd prize in the E category at the international competition ‘Davorin Jenko’ in Belgrade, 2015; participation at the SOMUS festival as a member of the Academy of Arts chamber ensemble (National Theatre in Sombor, 2015); ‘Cultural attack’ AUNS (City Hall in Subotica, 2015); concert with the Academy of Arts chamber ensemble, in collaboration with the French Institute in Serbia, on the occasion of World Music Day, 2015; participation at the festival of the Academy of Arts ‘A fest’, 2016; concert by students from Piano Programme AUNS (Gallery ‘Hol’, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, 2016); concert by students from the class of Professor Mihajlo Zurkovic in Sombor, 2016; participation at the piano festival ‘Piano Summer Vranje’ in Vranje, 2016; 2nd prize in the VI category at the international competition of young pianists in Sabac, 2017. Ms. Markovic has attended Master courses with renowned professors and artists: Jokuthon Mihailovic (Serbia), Evgeny Starodubtsev (Russia), Grzegorz Kurzyńskog (Poland), Jacques Rouvier (France), Sergey Senkov (Russia), Letizia Michielon (Italy). In the academic year 2014/2015, Ms. Markovic was awarded a scholarship by a fund which supports the progress of gifted students and young academics and artists at the University of Novi Sad. In the academic years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017, she was also awarded a scholarship ‘Dositej’, supporting the young talents of the Republic of Serbia. Ms. Markovic is the winner of the University of Novi Sad Award, for outstanding academic achievements in four consecutive academic years from 2012 to 2016. Ms. Markovic currently works in the capacity of the Teaching Associate, in the Department of Piano, at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Sylvie Nicephor began her career by accompanying singers. In 1997 she gave several solo recitals with varying programs in and around Paris, and from there embarked upon aconcert career which took her to the main cities of Germany, Italy, Greece, Finland, and Hungary. She is a regular guest at the following festivals – NeckarMusikFestival in Germany, Pianorama in Florence, Cohilia in Greece among others. In addition she has participated in programs in Helsinki, Budapest, Berlin and elsewhere. Her experience as a soprano and her theatrical training naturally lead her to take part in transversal projects (“G. Lavenant’s little blue dress” in 2010, “Entretiens avec M. Croche” in 2018 …) Her broad repertoire includes contemporary music (she has devoted several concerts to the piano work of M. Muench) In 2018, the centenary of Debussy’s death, she signed her first piano record (label Indesens / Calliope) with her “24 preludes”. Sylvie Nicephor was fully trained in Paris by the Argentinian pianist WILFREDO VOGUET, a pupil of V. Scaramuzza in Buenos Aires, who transmitted to her the traditions and musical approaches specific to South American schools. Sylvie Nicephor’s artistic career is multidisciplinary. In addition to her vocal and pianistic training she also benefited quite early on early from a high-level didactic training in major Parisian institutions. She joined at the age of 17 the NATIONAL SUPERIOR CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC OF PARIS and studied composition, musical analysis and orchestration. She obtained several first prizes, as well as a doctorate of musicology at UNIVERSITE PARIS 4- SORBONNE where she became a specialist of music in France from the 19th century to the present day.