18|08|2016 • Concert Hall • 20h


SCHUMANN Papillons Op.2 • Kreisleriana Op.16
LISZT La lugubre Gondola II • SCRIABIN Sonata Op.68 “Black Mass”


Zoran Imširović, born 1979 in Bosnia-Herzegowina, grew up in the troubles of the yugoslavian civil war. Separated of his parents he spent his childhood with a farmer family near the east-serbian city Niš. It was Beethoven’s fifth symphony which the 14-year old accidentally heard in the state tv-channel and which inspired his interest in classic music. Since then he tried to imitate the heard melodies on the piano. At the same time a member of the symphony orchester Niš was visiting the farmer family to buy a pig. He heard the young Zoran playing on the piano and recognized his talent. He recommended him to the well-known professors Svetlana Korunović from Niš and Lili Petrović from Belgrad (a student of legendary pianist Alfred Cortot and Lazar Levy at the Paris Conservatoire). Both took him under their wing. Thanks to their training, Zoran acquired in the incredibly short time of only four years, the maturity to begin his music studies at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. He perfected his musical skills with the teachers Vadim Suchanov, Klaus Schilde and Michael Leslie.

Thanks to his detailed and critical-reflexive play Zoran Imsirovic won several national and international competitions, including the Yugoslav piano competition or republic-competitions of Serbia and Montenegro. The Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences paid tribute to his first performance in Belgrade, with works by Bach, Liszt, Scriabin and Rachmaninoff in 2007 as the best concert of the season. Also performing in other European countries, he delighted his audience. Imsirovic also made a name by entering new ground for classical music. One example is the famous concert in Munich Club Bob Beaman. Other signs of his search for new ways and forms of expression in classical music were his participation on the music project “Music for six pianos” by the composer Steve Reich, which he and five other famous artists – supported by the Munich Pinakothek der Moderne – performed in the Glaspalast Augsburg. The works of contemporary composers from his homeland that he recites on his piano, are another example of the unconventional, extraordinary musical career of Zoran Imširović.