11|08|2016 • Concert Hall • 20h

ALEKSANDAR VUJIĆ SERBIA – Portrait of Composer

Six Pieces for Piano • Sakura – Japanese Folk Song • 9 Pieces for Piano • 3 Pieces Op.83 • Mhetamorphosis • Jewish Suite • From Eastern Serbia • Serbian Dance

11-maMarija Adamov, a prominent musicologist and music critic, is considered as one of the best experts in the serbian music scene.
She will be in conversation with her long-time friend, the composer Aleksandar Vujić, on the podium.
Through this vivid and interesting conversation, full of memories and many details about life and work of this important composers, we hope that the audience will get the opportunity to get to know and experience his music more closely.
Piano works, performed by the participants of the festival, will present an aural portrait of the composer.
With the concert of piano works and a portrait of the composer Aleksandar Vujić we begin a series of concerts dedicated to the Serbian musical creativity.
We hope that this idea will contribute to the affirmation of our contemporary music in our country and abroad.
Saca_za_klavirom-2Aleksandar Vujić (1945-Senta, Serbia)

Composer, Conductor, PianistReceived degree in composing (Prof. Stanojlo Rajačić, Prof. Petar Ozghijan, Prof. Vasilije Mokranjac), conducting (Prof. Dušan Skovran, Prof. Živojin Zdravković) also Music Master Piano (Prof. Andreja Preger, Prof. Olga Mihailović). Faculty of Music, Belgrade, University of Art. During his studies he four times received the best student award.

1999 Rotterdam Fifth World symposium on Choral Music – Prof Max Frey lecture “Composers Portrait Aleksandar Vujić)

1983 “Zoltan Kodaly” Medal presented by the Hungarian government
1987 Guest of US government (USIS)
1988 State Medal of Israel
1987 Founder of the Chamber of Orchestra “Sinfonietta” Beograd (Artistic Director and Conductor)
Choir director: Djakon Avakum Chamber choir1968, Baruch Brothers 1980-87
First Belgrade Singing Society1981-85 and 2003
Branko Cvetkovic 1988
Iuventus cantat 2002-2003
Madrigal choir of the Faculty of Music Belgrade 2001
1997 Guest lecturer at Kansas State University USA
2000 Professor of score reading at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts, Belgrade (Conducting Department)
2001 Vice dean at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts, Belgrade
Adjudicated many times at International Choir Competition in Karditza – Greece and Johannes Brahms International choral competition /Wernigerode Germany (-2003.)
2003 -Artistic director of Serbian Choral Federation
1993 “VII Concorso Internazionale di Composizione ed Elaborazione corale” segnalazione d` onore
1995 “Robert Schumann International Choir Composition Competition” first and third prize
Golden Medaille at the 2. Choir Olympics at Bussan South Korea (with Choir “Iuventus cantat” as a choral conductor.
1992 World Bahai Congress New York: “Ehre sei Dir” (to Bijan Khadem Missagh)
1994 Borko Bosiočić: “Hebrew Suite” (to Teodora Bosiočić)
1995 City of Friedberg Germany: “Peace Motet”
1996 Bavarian Radio Munich – Germany: “Mit Dir” (to Sophie Kovenz)
1997 Kansas State University USA Manhattan, Kansas: “Gloria” (to Prof. Rod Walker and KSU Choir)
1998 Kansas State University USA Manhattan, Kansas: “Let life be joyful” (to Prof. Dr. Gary C.Mortenson and KSU Trumpet ensemble)
1998 Bratislav Rakić: “Ne upućuj se daleko”
1998 Children Church Choir “Rastko” – Belgrad: “Hristos voskrese”
1999 Choir Olympics 2000, Musica Mundi
1999 “Concordia”: Male Choir Limburg Germany: “Ave Maria” (to Richard Moser and Ensemble “Concordia”)
2000 “I Vocalisti” Chamber Choir Lübeck Germany (conductor Hans-Joachim Lustig) on the 250th anniversary of Bach’s death: “Singet dem Herren” (dedicated to them)
2001 Christmas song (to Colegium vokale- Friedberg and Bernd Georg Mettke)
2004 Motette der Heiligen Afra ( to Dr.Dr. Anton Losinger )

His compositions are published in Germany, USA, Italy and Serbia. Exclusive publisher of Aleksandar S. Vujic works is “Synkope” Verlag- Germany

Instrumental works:

Solo Piano, Solo Violin, Solo Violoncello, Solo Voice with piano, String duos, Trios, String quartette, Chamber orchestra und Symphony Orchestra.