05|08|2016 • Concert Hall • 20h


GAUBERT Deuxieme Sonate
HÜE Fantasy for Flute and Piano
WIDOR Suite Op.34
REINECKE Sonata for Flute and Piano “Undine” Op.167
OLBERSLEBEN Sonata Fantasy Op.17

Sandra Vučenović was born in Kotor/Montenegro. She started her musical education in the age of 5 Years . She studied and worked at the Academie of Music Belgrade til 1986. Since then she lives in Munich/Germany where she studied with Prof. Bianca Bodalia at the Richard–Strauss-Conservatoire. For her Interpretation of the Rachmaninoff-Corelli Variations she won in 1993 the “Musikförderpreis des Kulturkreises Gasteig“. From 1994 she was appointed to the Richard Strauss Conservatoire. Her musical focus is chambermusic. She played with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Opera of Cologne and many others. She was a leading member of the Ensemble „Zeitsprung“ which was performing contemporary music. She performs regulary in various eurpean countries as well as in China and Agypt. Since 2008 she is working at the Academie of Music and Theatre in Munich.



Hermann Michael Schnabel was born in Nuremberg/Germany. In his early days of fluteplaying he was very interested in the history of the flute. He started off by playing the wooden flute with the simple system – eight keyed flute – like Charles Nicholson, the well known english flutist who inspired Theobald Boehm in the middle of the 19th century to develop his new system which is now played all over the world. Hermann Michael Schnabel studied in Munich at the Richard-Strauss conservatoire with Jochen Gärtner who was known for his special knowledge in the stilistic manner. He worked with Geoffrey Gilbert und Trevor Wye in England and with Matt Molloy in Ireland. Inspired by all these influences he is now one of the very few flutists who performs on the wooden Boehm flute with its rich warm and brilliant sound. His repertoire includes French music from the belle epoche, German romantic music from the same period as well as music from the Italian and German baroque, the Viennese Classic and music from the 20th century. Hermann Michael Schnabel performs regularly in concerts with members of the Modern String Quartet, Andreas Skouras on the harpsichord and with his wife and pianist Sandra Vučenović in various European Countries. His fundamental teaching philosophy is the singing Flute. He is the head of one of the leading music schools in Germany, Unterhaching/Bavaria.