VRANJE | SERBIA • 01-6|08|2018




A summer full of surprises and music highlights awaits us!

The Piano Summer festival, currently in its fifth edition, celebrates this year an important musical jubilee: one hundred years since the death of Claude Debussy, the most important representative of Impressionism in music.

Under the motto „What the West Wind Saw…”, we want to take the audience in Vranje –the town that from August 1st to the 6th will once again host our Festival – on a unique music journey. Through the daily concerts and the talks that the Festival is offering this year, music lovers will have the opportunity to get to discover and appreciate the work of Claude Debussy.

Also a privilege for our visitors is the fact that the artists will perform on Steingraeber concert pianos – an instrument widely known for the noble sound that once delighted composers like Liszt and Wagner.

We are very happy to continue this year our series of concerts dedicated to Serbian composers. In 2016 we launched it with the complete works of the composer Aleksandar Vujić, and in the following year we paid tribute to the oeuvre of the member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Ivan Jevtić. This year we are very glad to present the work of Dejan Despić, also a member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The association responsible for the organization of this project – Artist Society Piano Summer – celebrates a very special jubilee: the fifth anniversary of a festival that in a very short time has won the hearts of its audience and with its 7000 visitors per year has managed to grow into a quite remarkable independent classical music event.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our sponsors – the Municipality of Vranje, the Serbian Armed Forces, the piano manufacturer Steingraeber from Bayreuth, the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts and Radio Television of Serbia – all of them supporting this festival in a very generous fashion. We are also very thankful to the festival partners: the Music School Stevan Mokranjac Vranje, all our volunteers, as well as our organizing team. They are contributing with their tireless work and dedication to the cultural life of Serbia.

A series of complimentary first-rate concerts is our gift to the citizens of Vranje. The hospitality and charming atmosphere of the city, with its beautiful summer evenings, is an ideal setting for music enjoyment, while also allowing the visitors to get to know the artists personally. We would like to thank our last year’s audience for engaging so actively with our project. We are looking forward to welcoming you again and to sharing with you what will surely be some unforgettable days in our beautiful venue.

Zoran Imširović
Founder and artistic director