VRANJE | SERBIA • 02-20|08|2016




Word of greeting


Vranje, the host city of artists from all over the world from the 2nd to 21st of August 2016, is placed with its project PIANO SUMMER on the list of the major cultural events of Europe.
Over 7000 visitors, the visiting artists and the great public interest, are the best proof of success for this event, which is held for the third time, first in Ohrid and then in Vranje.
Our guests and professionals will have the opportunity to enjoy an extensive and varied program including performances of our artists during the festival.
Anyone who is interested has the possibility to attend numerous lectures and master classes for piano, violin and chamber music. The teachers are eminently respectable artists: Klaus Schilde, Gertrud Schilde, Michael Leslie, Aida Gavrilova and Biljana Gorunović.
Special guests of the festival are the well-respected Marmara quintet from Istanbul and the Arte Music Ensemble from Portugal. Participants will get the chance to perform piano concerts and parts of chamber music with them.
One of the main attractions of the festival is the PIANO MARATHON on the plateau of the National Museum – dedicated to the wide audience.
The series of the author’s concerts are dedicated to Serbian composers, starting with a performance integrating a piano opus of Aleksandar Vujić. Every year artists from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, USA, Turkey, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Argentina, Venezuela, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, Chile, Georgia, the Dominican Republic and Austria will have the opportunity to get to know our musical creativity and contribute to the promotion of our culture around the world.
This project is unique because it is non-commercial. All the artists perform free of charge, and the collected money is invested in the reconstruction of the infrastructure and the purchase of musical instruments.
PIANO SUMMER is the ideal platform to support the development of cultural tourism. Using thought out plans in cooperation with responsible local institutions we will try to present Vranje and Serbia to our foreign guests from its most spectacular side.
We hope that the presence of a large number of students and artists from the region and other countries will encourage intercultural dialogue and understanding among each other.
At this point, I want to thank Jana Begin for starting this huge organisational and artistic project together with me. Without her support and groundwork, which we have laid out successfully, none of this would have been possible.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dragana Ristić Mladenović, who has recognized the importance of this project in Vranje and has been such a great support in realising it. I would also like to thank all employees of the music school “Stevan Mokranjac”.
My particular thanks go to the Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic Serbia and city of Vranje, the sponsors of this project, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the army of Serbia and RTS – who have completely supported and appreciated this project.
All live performances with free entry are an unique gift to the citizens of Vranje. The hospitality and bohemian charm oft he city during the lovely summer evenings are the perfect setting for enjoying good classic music and spending a great time with the guests of the festival.
Last but not least my biggest thanks to the incredible audience of Vranje, who has magnificently accompanied the festival last year. I am looking forward to the great number of visitors and unforgettable moments in the beautiful Concert Hall!